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Get Ready to Save the Planet in 4K Resolution with Earthfall

January 30, 2017 | By brian

When aliens decide to take over the earth, it’s up to humanity to work together to survive the infestation and save civilization in Earthfall, an upcoming cooperative shooter by developer Holospark. The premise sounds familiar, but the game places considerable emphasis on the “cooperative” aspect as well strategy, as players must work together to survive the alien onslaught.

Earthfall’s multiplayer will allow you to play alongside your friends or you can play with AI teammates  if there aren’t enough players, ensuring you’ll always have a full team ready to meet the challenge. You’ll need to strategically build barricades and turrets to prevent the enemy hordes from decimating the planet.

When the aliens of all shapes and sizes descend upon earth, they’re going to look spectacular. Last month, Holospark announced that the game will support 4K resolution, which means not only will the Pacific Northwest look stunning, those aliens are going to look incredibly detailed and intimidating. To push the demanding pixel performance of 4K resolution, your PC is going to need some beefy hardware, especially when the fights become intense. Thankfully, our gaming computers are ready to handle whatever the aliens can dish out in gloriously detailed 4K resolution without a hiccup in performance. In fact, PAX South 2017 attendees were able to play the game on our CHRONOS systems at the Holospark booth!

Earthfall is expected to be released sometime during the first half of this year.

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