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Get Started with VR Gaming with an AMD Powered PC

December 12, 2016 | By brian

We’ve extensively covered NVIDIA and our various line of gaming computers that come equipped with the latest 10 series graphics cards. If you’re looking to get started with VR gaming this holiday season, we also sell PCs with AMD’s

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Bring Home the NVIDIA 10 Series for the Holidays

December 5, 2016 | By brian

Are you planning on gifting yourself or someone else a new gaming PC this holiday? With the unveiling of NVIDIA’s latest 10 series graphics cards earlier this year like the GTX 1070 and 1080, the gaming experience is leaps

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Step into the Future with the Samsung 960 PRO SSD

November 30, 2016 | By brian

When working with massive files and heavy duty applications that require the utmost performance, the quality of the hard drive is a major factor in boosting reliability and efficiency. Workstations demand components that can handle the ever increasing demands

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Our Black Friday Deals Have Already Begun

November 22, 2016 | By brian

Black Friday is just a couple of days away, but we’ve decided to kick start the deals a little early by slashing the price on some of our most popular gaming computers. If you’re looking to give the gift

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Ultimate Gaming Performance with the GENESIS

November 16, 2016 | By brian

There are those that like to play PC games, and then there are the PC gamers, the ones that demand the most powerful performance from their gaming computers and are always tweaking their systems to ensure they’re receiving the

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Shacknews Reviews the Chronos VR

November 14, 2016 | By brian

Gaming website Shacknews, or “The Shack” is among the oldest gaming websites on the Internet, founded way back in 1996. Today, the website is known for its gaming news and editorial content. It recently reviewed the Chronos VR, one

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Get Your Projects Done with a Workstation Laptop

November 10, 2016 | By brian

We talk a lot about our critically acclaimed gaming computers here at ORIGIN PC, but that’s not entirely what we’re all about. While we excel in creating machines for gamers seeking the finest experience, we take great pride in

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ORIGIN PC Named One of the Best VR Demos

November 7, 2016 | By brian

Virtual reality was a major topic at this year’s PAX Australia event, where all of the major players like Sony, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive were on display, showcasing their technical prowess through interactive demos. Several PC manufacturers

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