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What Does Ray Tracing Do?

September 18, 2019 | By brian

There’s been a lot of talk around ray tracing and its ability to reinvent PC game development. With graphics cards like Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER introducing support for the technology, developers can create environments that look like something straight out

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The EON17-X Is “Perfection”

September 17, 2019 | By brian

Last week we told you about the Wired post showcasing Origin PC as one of its recommended PCs that can “turn any desk into a battle station.” This week, we’re shifting the focus over to the video game coverage website Gamepur

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Upgrade Your Gear for the Fall

September 5, 2019 | By brian

It’s September and the cooler fall weather is on its way. In the meantime, you can prepare for the arrival of the season and the upcoming fall semester with our September promotion. It’s jam-packed with perks, including free digital

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Introducing CRYO CORE

August 13, 2019 | By brian

At ORIGIN PC, we’ve developed a reputation for building PCs that look as good as they perform. As we continue to fine-tune for better aesthetics, we’re excited to announce we recently launched CRYO CORE, an internal liquid cooling distribution

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