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EON17-SLX Is “One of the Best Gaming Laptops out There”

April 25, 2018 | By brian

Our ultra-portable gaming laptops like the EVO15-S Ultra Thin Gaming Laptop receive a lot of acclaim, but they aren’t the only ones receiving positive reviews in the press. The technology website Facts Chronicle recently took a look at the EON17-SLX Extreme Gaming Laptop in a review that calls the PC “one of the best gaming laptops out there”. The review covers all aspects of the laptop from its design and display to the various ports, keyboard, touchpad, battery, and more.

When it comes to custom gaming laptops, the EON17-SLX is matchless. Boasting overclocked eighth generation Intel processors and a pair of NVIDIA 10 Series GPUs, there is nothing that this PC can’t handle while outputting your favorite titles like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in stunning detail thanks to its high-resolution display. When you need to get some work done, this PC can easily handle applications like Photoshop® so you can be productive while still squeezing in some time for a quick but intense gaming session mowing down your foes.

You can read the full Facts Chronicle review of the EON17-SLX at the following link:

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