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Get Ready to Showcase These 2019 Titles on Your ORIGIN PC

February 20, 2019 | By brian

It’s only February and gamers already have a tremendous amount of titles to enjoy thanks to the recent release of Apex Legends and Friday’s release of Bioware’sAnthem, which is already receiving some positive early buzz. A slew of eagerly anticipated games are still on the horizon for 2019, ready to showcase what your gaming PC can do.

Older gamers that grew up during the early days of 8-bit gaming may remember Battletoads. The game received praise for its graphics and it has since gone down in history for being among the most difficult games to ever be released. The series will be receiving a new entry this year including a PC release featuring 2.5D graphics, hand-drawn art, and more.

Does the name Gears 5 sound familiar? That’s probably because it’s the fifth title in the critically-acclaimed Gears of War series. This time around, players will be taking on the role of Kait Diaz as she explores her origins and those of the Locust, the main enemies of the series.

The venerable Mortal Kombat series is returning for its 11th installment in April. Alongside staples like the Fatalities and Brutalities, the game will introduce new features such as Fatal Blow. With the right specs, all of the literal bone crunchings is likely to look incredibly realistic on your PC.

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