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August 8, 2018 | By brian

The EON15-X is the pride and joy of our gaming laptops. In fact, Tom’s Hardware, a website dedicated to computer hardware and technology, said that the laptop is a top performer.

The EON15-X is your best bet for desktop-level power while also maintaining a light weight. The laptop comes with dozens of features, like the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card that offers better performance than many other GPUs. In fact, Tom’s Hardware praised the outstanding performance of the laptop. If you’re not satisfied with the power of the graphics card, you can ask ORIGIN PC to overclock for better performance. We know you need a strong computer.

The desktop-level processing power of the EON15-X comes from the 8th generation Intel Core processors that it comes with. You’ll never have to worry about lag in your games. Some people think that gaming laptops might have less power than gaming desktops, but the EON15-X proves them wrong.

Don’t cut corners when you’re shopping for a gaming laptop. You should pick one that has enough power to last you many, many games.

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