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Let Loose the Power of Ryzen 3000

July 8, 2019 | By brian

AMD’s Ryzen™ Series of processors continue to deliver a huge bang for your buck on ORIGIN PC gaming or professional desktops. With the introduction of the new Ryzen 3000 Series, AMD is once again raising the bar.

The Ryzen 3000 Series processor makes breakthroughs in all of the important areas, from faster speeds and greater memory to more bandwidth versus the previous generation. Third generation AMD Ryzen™ processors with the 7nm “Zen 2” core sets the high-performance benchmark: exclusive manufacturing technology, cutting-edge on-chip throughput, and radical overall gaming performance.

Ryzen 3000 features support for the world’s first PCIe® 4.0 connectivity, to enable the most progressive motherboards, graphics, and storage tech available. Even with these innovations, it remains backward compatible with previous component generations.

If you’ve never experienced Ryzen, now is the time to unleash the full power of your gaming PC, including 60 FPS gaming. In fact, if you purchase an ORIGIN PC desktop with select AMD Radeon™ graphics or Ryzen processors, we’ll throw in three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC so you can play the hottest titles this fall, including the highly anticipated September release of Gears 5. To learn more, visit the AMD Ryzen 3000 Series Processors page.

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