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New Color Options for Our Gaming Desktops

January 20, 2016 | By brian

mainAt ORIGIN PC, we are committed to selling products that are highly customizable, scalable, and provide the power necessary for your gaming or professional purposes.  From the blazing fast processors to the hard drive, cooling system, and upgradeable memory, our custom computers are built specifically for your needs and feature innovative design.

Two of our most popular gaming desktops are the GENESIS and MILLENNIUM models and we are pleased to announce that both of these computers are now available in two new internal color options: red and white, providing an even greater degree of customization.  The computers also come with ORIGIN PC’s new SENTINEL desktop app, allowing users to change their system LED lighting color, control their fan speeds at the click or touch of a button and keep tabs on important system functions including performance and current CPU load. The SENTINEL desktop app comes preloaded on all new GENESIS or MILLENNIUM and a free mobile app version is also available for Android and iOS devices.

The GENESIS Gaming Desktop features variable mounting and comes in a steel grade chassis with space for up to 24 2.5-inch hard drives.  The mid-size MILLENNIUM Gaming Desktop provides the same high-end features in a smaller package that supports up to ten hard drives and can be customized in a variety of colors.

For additional information on the ORIGIN PC SENTINEL app, the mid-size MILLENNIUM Gaming Desktop or the full-size GENESIS Gaming Desktop, visit  We sell laptops and workstations and many accessories or peripherals to enhance your gaming experience.  Call 1-877-674-4460 to order yours today.

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