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TechSpot Recommends the OMEGA

December 30, 2015 | By brian

Computer and technology publication TechSpot has been providing in-depth technology reviews and news since 1998, and it recently reviewed the ORIGIN PC OMEGA, giving it a near-perfect score of 90.  The reviewer mentioned its components that are among the

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Meet the EON17-SLX

November 30, 2015 | By brian

ORIGIN PC’s line of custom computers are among the best reviewed in the industry, thanks to a fusion of customizability, power, price, and performance.  Names like TechRadar, Kotaku, PC Magazine, and Digital Trends have all given our desktop and

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Say Hello to the Steam Controller

November 16, 2015 | By brian

Since its release over ten years ago, Steam has become one of the leading digital distribution platforms.  With its robust social networking features, multiplayer capabilities, and a vast collection of current and classic gaming titles, it has gained a

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