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PC Gamer Explores the New ORIGIN PC Chassis

October 17, 2018 | By brian

In case you missed the news, we’re launching an all-new and improved version of our critically-acclaimed NEURON Custom Gaming PC. Besides better hardware which includes support for dual NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti GPUs and Intel’s ninth generation of Core processors, we’ve also taken a closer look at aesthetics. The NEURON, along with its sibling the M-Class workstation feature an exclusive new steel chassis.

In the past, you may have chosen to customize your ORIGIN PC with one of the third-party cases. In our ongoing efforts to create machines that offer power, features, and style, we’re doing it our way. The new steel chassis includes a tempered glass side panel that can be easily removed without having to use tools that may cause damage to the system. Like our other gaming desktops, you can also add some custom HD UV printing to the PC to give it even more personality. Plus, with the magnetic and removable feet, you can orient the systems in different ways.

The website PC Gamer recently shed some more light on our unique cases which you can read about at the following link:

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