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Upgrade Your Gaming with an SSD

February 20, 2019 | By brian

The eagerly anticipated arrival of Anthem is just two days away, but many websites have already begun publishing early reviews of Bioware’s online multiplayer action role-playing video game. One of the early observations regarding the title is the loading screens, of which there are many. While the anticipated day one patch will likely address and considerably reduce the load times, a PC Gamer article discusses how big of a difference an SSD can make in cutting down on these load times.

With an SSD, total load times for Anthem across the game drop from approximately 205 to 160 seconds, though this will vary based on the rig. With that in mind, it’s something you may wish to consider if you plan on customizing one of our gaming desktops to play Anthem at its max settings. Choose something like the Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD and enjoy blazing fast read and write speeds of up to 3,500 and 3,300 MB/s, respectively. Whether you’re playing a game in 4K or streaming your gameplay to your Twitch audience, an SSD can significantly improve your performance.

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