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Fire up These Titles on Your ORIGIN PC

May 21, 2019 | By brian

A major perk of having a large hard drive like those available with ORIGIN PC is you’ll have tons of space to keep all of your games. Considering that services like Steam release a bunch of new games on a daily basis, you can download as much as you like. Should you need some help on which titles to fire up on your gaming PC, here are a few suggestions.

Are you a fan of the tower defense series Kingdom Rush or Starcraft? If so, you’ll probably want to check out Iron Marines. The PC version received a couple of optimizations and the title’s gorgeous art style will look fantastic on your PC. Play through more than twenty missions and choose from fourteen different heroes, each with a distinct upgrade path.

For something more intense, the twin-stick shooter Ritual: Crown of Horns ramps up the violence in a Wild West setting where you’ll have to use your six-shooter and shotgun skills to fight your enemies. Fans of the ultra-violent Hotline Miami will likely feel right at home.

Smooth, tear-free gaming is critical when you’re playing a game where the action can become frenzied. In Ruckball, you’ll join a three-player team as you punch a large ball to score a goal. The game is currently free to play and similar to the popular Rocket League, you’ll have to master some physics skills if you want to win.

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