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Maximum FPS Means Maximum Wins with NVIDIA

June 11, 2019 | By brian

When it comes to FPS (we’re talking frames per second, not a first person shooter), you’re going to want the best hardware your PC can handle. When you’re playing games in genres such as a battle royale, all of the action demands maximum FPS.

An easy way to achieve maximum FPS is having a graphics card capable of handling the additional frames per second. You’ll notice a difference in reaction times, which means you have better odds of taking down more opponents and scoring a higher Kill/Death ratio when playing popular battle royale games like FortnitePlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or Apex Legends.

It is possible to achieve 144 or 240 FPS in your favorite battle royale game, but you’re going to need the hardware to do it, and that’s where NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card lineup comes in. Combine one of these powerful GPUs with a monitor capable of maintaining 120 to 240Hz refresh rate, and you’ve got the perfect setup to outwit, outsmart, and take down your opponents no matter what game you’re playing.

Visit the NVIDIA Frames Win Games page to learn more about how RTX cards deliver the power and then customize your gaming desktop or gaming laptop. We’ll see you out on the battlefield.

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