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ORIGIN PC Named Among the Best Gaming PCs for 2019

April 16, 2019 | By brian

When we set out on a mission to create gaming PCs that are as powerful as they are customizable, we knew we would constantly be making adjustments to better serve our customers and remain one of the leaders in the gaming PC space. Today, we’ve received numerous awards and our PCs are among the most often recommended machines.

CNET recently made a post discussing the “Best Gaming PCs for 2019”. We made the list under the category of the “Best for take-all-my-money 4K, HDR performance”. One of the distinctive features mentioned by the author in the post is granular customization, which means gamers can modify their PC internally and externally, including the small yet important details such as the color of the power supply cables. Also singled out was the MILLENNIUM Gaming Desktop which, according to the author “still intimidated all the other desktops on the lab bench.”

Ready to start creating a gaming PC that is truly your own? Visit ORIGIN PC today. You choose the parts and the colors, and we’ll take care of shipping your new work of art right to your door.

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