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The Verge Recommends the Origin PC Chronos

April 26, 2017 | By brian

One of the most popular websites for technology reviews and news is The Verge. Comprised of a team that once wrote for Engadget, it’s become a trusted source for researching new products. Last week, it reviewed the Chronos Small Form Factor Gaming Desktop. Needless to say, the reviewer loved it! Praise was given to the SSD performance, the “speedy” boot time, and the overall responsiveness of the Chronos. Also positively noted were the PC’s compact design and the huge flexibility in configuration options. The reviewer sums it up by saying, “If you want an ultra-powerful gaming PC that’s only a little bigger than an Xbox…it’s worth a serious look.”

The Chronos is indeed among the smallest of our gaming desktops and laptops, a fusion of performance, portability, and compactness. The small size means you can place it next to your home theater equipment, making it ideal for a number of uses. Settle down for a Netflix binge session or new film release in crisp HD without any hiccups, fire up your favorite FPS and experience the intensity, explore the richly detailed gaming worlds the way the developer intended. It may be small, yet the Chronos features the same extensive customization like its much larger siblings. Add up to 32GB of RAM, the GTX 1080 graphics card, plus an Intel i7 processor and there’s practically nothing it can’t handle seamlessly, and that includes VR.

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